If you’re interested in hiring me to work on your game, please feel free to contact me!

Depending on the project, I can do any of the following:
I can write all or part of the game script for you, based on an outline you create. I will not write R18, but basically anything else should be fine.

I can proofread and edit all or part of your game script.

I can program basic menus, backgrounds, sprites, script menus/flags/points, splash screens, and credits in Ren’py. I may also be able to program custom Ren’py menus, depending on complexity. (For an idea of what I can do, please see B.A.T.)

3D Background Modeling
I can model static backgrounds in Sketchup. The final product can be either a fully rendered background, or just a simple background to be sketched/drawn over by a background artist.

I can playtest any and all parts of your game.

I don’t currently have firmly set rates, but you can find a general guideline below.

Writing will be in the range of .03-.04c per word, editing .01-.02c per word. Background modeling will be around 5-15$ per background, depending on complexity. Programming and playtesting are entirely dependent upon the individual project’s scope and complexity!

Feel free to contact me for estimates!