The Candles Breathe

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A glimpse is all you can ever get, a brief glance into the world behind each door, behind each person’s guarded eyes. Those worlds are not for you. Those doors are made to protect against you. But even if all the people of the Earth turn you away, you have no choice but to seek them out. You have no choice but to take what is rightfully theirs. You, the Wandering Vampire.

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The Candles Breathe is a small game about a vampire looking for a victim, in a world where Spirits are very real and the people hold ceremonies twice a year to appease them and protect themselves.

Created for Spooktober Jam 2020.

Original Release Date: October 1, 2020


  • Around 8,000 words
  • Four houses to visit
  • A unique world of Spirits and myth

itch-screenshot-1 costume-menu-preview itch-screenshot-3