Hello and welcome to the official website of Avior Games! You can call me Avior!

I’m an indie game developer specializing in story-driven games. My primary medium is visual novels. I’m also a part of Dream Team Studios as a writer, Ren’py programmer, and 3D concept artist. Speculative fiction is my home.

If you’re looking for my game reviews, you can find them over on Avior System!

What does “Avior” mean?
“Avior” is the name of a binary star in the southern constellation Carina. Being a very bright star, it was included in the Air Almanac, a catalog of bright, navigational stars first compiled in the 1930s by the British Royal Air Force. Since the star didn’t have a classical Greek or Latin name, and all the stars in the almanac had to have a common name, it was given the aviation-themed name “Avior.”